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My Digonto is committed to bringing useful information and services to your finger tips. We are constantly working to improve our service offerings and to make the Internet as useful as possible.

This new portal is the brainchild of a few non-resident Bangladeshi engineers who have long been trying to enrich the online experience of the users in Bangladesh.

Detailed coverage of Dhaka City Bus Routes is only the first step towards that goal. We hope this service will be useful to all who are tired of paying exorbitant taxi fare and taking too much risk riding the "CNG"s. Riding a bus is not only ecomomical but a far better choice considering the rider's safety, environmental benefits and easy availability.

Please let us know what you think about our services and how we can improve it to serve you better.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

My Digonto is a subsidiary of Sepia Systems, USA.

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