My Digonto Bus Route Help

1. Select your start and end point from the combo box and click the "Find Route" button.

Select From and To

2. You will get the following page. In this page, column headings show a Bus Name or a Bus Number. Each Row represent a stoppage in the route. A route run from top to bottom. If the bus touches a stop there will be an arrow in that stoppage position. Blank rows in a particular column mean that the bus either does not touch those stoppages or takes a different route after that point. This is evident for Bus# 6B in the above result.

Route Result

3. In the picture below we have circled the most logical choices people will make to go from Abdullahpur to Khilgaon Railgate. You can take Bevco from Abdullahpur and change bus at Mohakhali. You will take bus 6B from Mohakhali to Kamalapur. At Kamalapur, you will change bus again and take My Line to reach the destination at Khilgaon Railgate. Our result page shows some redundant buses like #11 and #6A which you may take incase of emergency or if the bus for some reason does not go all the way. These additional buses are for informational purposes and may help in many cases.


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